My own brother found salvation in Christ Jesus a few months after we began 2nd Chance Church

God had called me to Winter Haven, FL. and now had provided a plush, beautiful place to meet.

Our Sunday School class began to grow also especially when my brother and sister-in-law joined in.

The Lord provides us the $500 a day Winter Haven Garden Center to meet in for $75.00 a service. WOW!

We actually were having 2 services for the price of one for we had Sunday-School at 9:15 am

Begging God for a Aaron or Joshua to go with him The Lord sent Jim & Janet Hughes as co-pastors

We began our service with 23 people and it grew in a few short weeks to 32. Praise The Lord!


35 year, Holy Spirit Filled Jim and Janet Hughes blessed us as they co-pastored with me

I'd roll out our sound cabinet and lead the Praise & Worship & we'd swap preaching each week

I was licensed and ordained in Pastor Mark Clabough's Church in 2006, by Jim Hughes 35 year Baptist min

Corey and His Bride blessed us with their music and their voices.

Guest Singers come to bless us some nights as we teach The Word of God.

We began a Thursday Night Bible College and Study Service which did rather well, Eddie sets up tables


Maribeth ask question during Bible College session on Thursday Nights

Ashley and Paige joined forces and sang their hearts out and the people went nuts over their singing

Sunday School began with one student; ASHLEY our church's first young person

Praise and Worship Team at the beginning


My good friend Felix Hammond praising God with a testimony.

Ashley could sing and boy could she quote those scripture verses

Before Service Begins

Rebecca Ellen Webber, my Granddaughter joins in with the Kid Metamorphosis group one Sunday Morn

Some of the children of "KID METAMORPHOSIS."

Before Service - People coming in.

Praise God, we were seeing people being Saved, delivered and healed by our Awesome God

Eddie & Maribeth Smith brought much joy to our hearts as they loved to sing & Ed began to SHINE

Our 'A CAN can make a difference food program" was feeding several families & one widow in our church

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Sister Hughes was now teaching Youth Sunday School and rehearsing their music with them.

Ashley brings in Paige and the two of them start a youth choir. GREAT, GREAT, they were excellent!

Our first $upported Missionary to the Far-East, where we can't tell for safety reasons. Still $upport 2012

Ashley began to spread the word that brother franklin was paying ca$h money for learning & coloring!

At times in the beginning there were only 5 of us for Sunday School; Ashley and her mom.

Sunday School began to grow little by little. We set up chairs in faith and prayed over each for God to fill.

Sister Janet Hughes, our co-pastors' wife taught a class on one for many weeks. God heal her in Jesus Name!

The Ministries of Bishop Anne Gimenez

The Rock Church International in Virginia Beach, VA.

AMERICA for JESUS project 2012

The Jewish Voice Ministries

"brother franklin" as he likes to be called formed 2CCTHH at the word of The Lord January of 2006


Majestic Memories


2nd Chance Church / The Hallelujah Hospital / Thirsty Thursday Bible College